Mammito has interesting answer to whether she is a lesbian

• Apart from her previous relationship with comedian Eddie Butita, the petite beauty has kept her personal life away from the public eye.

mammito courtesy instagram
mammito courtesy instagram

Comedian Mammito is using her stage humour to answer questions about her personal life.

Mammito's dating history appears to be something her fans are obsessed about.

In a IG Q&A, she faced multiple questions about it and took it in stride, lightheartedly answering as much as she could.

Even the invasive questions were answered. One fan was convinced she was a member of the LGBTQ. "Are you a lesbi**" they unashamedly asked.

She answered with a picture in a car, doing the duck kiss, "Sipendi makasi"  with three laughing emojis accompanying the caption.

Another asked her if she was married with the creative leaving even more questions than answers when she replied, "My mum is now sending people to ask me questions! Mum please stop this," she said.

Mammito was raised by a single mum and has been open about her upbringing about not knowing her father.

She had another cute interaction with someone who wanted to know if she was available for marriage, saying, "Can I marry you?"

She said, "Tuma bank statements!! Mathew 13:5-6 Words without action is dead," she informed the crush.

Another bold fan directly demanded to know, "Boyfriend ako wapi."

She seemingly responded, "Ako kazi."

Mammito also handled another question with grace.

"Do you need a bald man," referring to her similar look.

Mammito often spots a bald look and her fans love it. She joked about the fan's suggestion in her reaction to the question.

"Bien amekutuma sasa!!!"

Meanwhile, she also opened up about her life in general saying, "I can define it, I just live it, I enjoy, laugh,cry I just let life be life!"

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