Rick Ross and Hamisa resume flirting after her status declaration

• The two have in the past been seen sending each other endearing messages.

Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Instagram

A week ago, Hamisa Mobetto declared she was single. She was responding to questions from TZ blog Zamaradi TV, about her former West African bae, and a footballer she has been linked to.

This past weekend, she shared captivating pictures at a beach location, and it appears Rick Ross was paying attention.

The two flirted in a way that excited their fans that perhaps they may rekindle their past relationship.

He reacted with an explosive emoji, signifying he was blown away. Hamisa loved his response and added a playful kiss emoji.

Netizens launched into laughter as they called him Shem, Shem, a name used to signify close relations.

The US rapper in 2022, spoke pout about dating Hamisa. During a live Instagram session, the rapper asked Hamisa to clarify to their fans their relationship status, to which she insisted he should be the one to answer.

"Yes she's mine," he responded with a smile. Then in 2023, amid pressure to reveal more details, Hamisa set the record straight saying they are friends.

"Rick Ross and I are best for friends. We have never been in a love relationship, whatsoever, it has never happened," she declared. 

This had followed their seeming romance since 2021, after a Dubai video. 

She has dated several men, and her love life always generates interest.

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