Mike Sonko airlifts ex-Citizen TV host Kimani Mbugua to a rehab in Mombasa

• Kimani Mbugua has bipolar.

• He has been to rehab several times between 2021 and 2024.

Kimani Mbugua
Kimani Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Former Citizen TV reporter Kimani Mbugua has been airlifted to a Rehabilitation centre in Mombasa.

The news was shared by former gover Mike Sonko via his socials.

He had in an earlier interview promised to move Kimani to a rehab where boxing queen Conjestina Achieng is currently in.

"Yesterday, we managed to airlift former Citizen TV journalist Kimani mbugua to Mombasa rehabilitation and empowerment centre for further treatment as promised earlier during the oga obina interview. Let's pray for him. I'm 100% sure, he'll be OK."

In May 2024 Sonko visited Kimani Mbugua at Mathare Hospital where he was  undergoing several check ups.

“I visited Mathare Hospital along with Oga Obinna and the family of Kimani Mbugua to check on their (Kimani and Omollo) recovery progress.

We were warmly welcomed by the team of doctors attending to them, who updated us on their progress. However, Eunice Omollo was undergoing treatment in the women’s ward during our visit, so I only managed to interact with Kimani Mbugua.

We had a good time together with Kimani Mbugua, reminiscing about past interviews and having a broad discussion about his current struggles,” Sonko said via Twitter.

The former governor accompanied his statement with a video of himself at Mathare Hospital, where he had a cordial interaction with journalist Kimani Mbugua.

Sonko stressed on his plan to transfer the young journalist, who has been battling mental health issues, from Mathare to the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Center, stating that a change of environment would aid in his recovery process.

"Kimani Mbugua has already given a lot to the world through his work, and it is our time to give back hope, love, and care.

We were highly impressed by the services of the entire hospital leadership; it is a very good hospital with qualified and professional healthcare workers.

Therefore, even if we transfer them to Mombasa, it will only be for the purpose of changing the environment, which can also greatly contribute to the patient’s recovery, and that’s why I decided, together with the family, to transfer them to the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Center where Conjestina Achieng is, to see if they will change for good,” he said.

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