List of celebs who've opened up on battling mental illness

• Always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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Mental illness is a topic not spoken about.

In some cultures it is seen as a curse or a taboo.

These celebrities have broken the barriers by sharing their journeys with mental illness.

Patricia Kihoro

 The celebrated actress and influencer revealed she battles ADHD

ADHD is Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Although it mostly affects children, adults are not spared.

 Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (not being able to keep focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that is not fitting to the setting) and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur in the moment without thought).is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children.


Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu who is the first born child to former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been open about hwer journey with Bipolar.

Mbuvi has battled Bipolar for more than 10 years now.

She says a breakup in a relationship she was in was her first trigger.

In 2021 she shared she did not know she was sick.

“I did not know I was bipolar until I had a breakdown which was very bad and that I had to be taken to hospital and that is when I was diagnosed with bipolar eight years ago. For the longest time, I did not know I had bipolar but it took this main trigger,” explained Mbuvi.

She added

“I think I’ve been going for narcissists that have been dragging me down because they are the worst people to deal with if you are bipolar. Like my previous relationship, I would be in the hospital after every one or two months being admitted. Because I had numerous hypomania episodes, and once I get to hypomania where I am breaking down, I usually never sleep. I can go up to four days without sleeping.

Kimani Mbugua

The former Citizen TV presenter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020.

He has been in and out of hospital over the same.

In 2024 he is currently seeking help after constant media outbursts.

Kimani Mbugua
Kimani Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Racheal Shebesh

Former Nairobi Women Rep Racheal Shebesh battles Bipolar.

She was diagnosed with the mental disease at age 22.

Speaking during a past interview on Churchill, the outspoken politician shared:

"Mental illness can be hereditary or can be triggered by life events.

My bipolar disorder makes me manic, I am very talkative and very active.

It also makes me depressed. My depression does not come as often as my maniac.

When my depression hits it's very extreme to the extent I feel I have no hope in life.

You live with mental illness your entire life, you just manage it.

I have been able to deal with my mental illness since I was 22."

Racheal Shebesh

Dennis Ombachi

The celebrated rugby player turned chef battles bipolar.

He was diagnosed as bipolar in 2018, he had however had the symptoms for years but never sought any help.

Ombachi is loved by many for his Tiktok videos where he showcases his cooking skills.

Dennis Ombachi aka Roaming Chef
Former Rugby 7's player turned TikTok sensation Dennis Ombachi aka Roaming Chef
Image: Courtesy/ Instagram

Michael Oyier

The late TV personality shared his journey with severe depression (7 years) on the famous Engage platform.

The weight of personal challenges such as the complexities of fatherhood, personal identity, and unmet expectations weighed heavily on him, leading to a period of profound sadness and isolation.

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