Bahati- I love my women older

•Diana Marua is a few years older than Bahati.

• The couple have three kids.

DIana Marua with Bahati
Image: Instagram

During their Netflix reality show, The Bahati's Empire, Bahati shared qualities he was loking for in a wife before he settled down.

Ironically one of the qualities is a woman who was older than him.

He also wanted someone with a close relationship with God.

"Two things. First, she had to be saved. Secondly, she had to be older than me. Somehow just to confess, I love my women older," he said.

During the event Bahati also shared how he ended up in a children's home despite his dad being alive.

I lost my mom when I was 7 years old... After losing my mom, my dad married again and then he moved out of the city and that is how I ended up at ABC Kenya Children's Home. I studied there and when I was in class 8, I got a call... still at the children's home.

All this time, I had never seen my dad. But I got a call to go bury him," Bahati emotionally shared.

Bahati and Diana Marua have an interesting relationship.

In the past, they have admitted to doing things most people would not tolerate in their unions.


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