Official Kinuthia captivates audiences at Bahati Empire show launch [Video]

• Kinuthia was also invited to attend the launch June 6


Cross-dresser Official Kinuthia was among the famous Kenyans invited for the launch of the reality TV show Bahati Empire.

It will premiere on Netflix Friday June 7.

Kinuthia showcased his elegant look walking closely behind actress Jackie Matubia.

The cross-dresser is a good friend of Diana's and she gushed over his outfit for the night.( above).

Even Bahati recognized his Prescence among those he calls close friends.

"MMeskia aty Kinuthia nini?" he informed those who listened to the speech.

Kinuthia also appreciated their friendship and the recognition

"Waah this far I don’t know even how to thank God waah🥺❤️From watching people on Netflix to being a cast of the #bahatisempire Thank you so much @bahatikenya and @diana_marua for giving me the wonderful opportunity ❤️👌I don’t take it for granted ❤️The Bahatis to the world✨The bahati’s empire will be up today on Netflix 🥰See you there❤️👌

He added separately about criticism from society

"I don’t care about what others think. I care more about what God thinks about me🥰"

sherizdottie...Then I remember someone said you force issues on bahati family, hope she / he can see you don't force issues you walk by grace looking lit

catoon_lymes...Eish babygirl,,, you have decided to show us what momma gave you🙌😍

millie.audrey....our very own baby Gurrrrlllll understood the assignment... you look awesome gurl ❤️

mutinda73...Lakini hii dressing kinuthia ulichoma aiii unavaa ajez kambae waenda church /visiting onlaws😂😂

ma.iiru18...Now I don't understand why some of you guys are hating ,,, the dress is gorgeous kinuthia looks amazing🤧mnatakanga aje🤺🏌‍♀️

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