I want a husband like Bahati - Diana's sister Val says

• Diana's sister Val features in the Bahati Empire reality tv show 

diana and sister val courtesy
diana and sister val courtesy

Valerie and Michelle are the sisters of Diana Marua.

The three siblings adore each other and regularly feature each other on their respective platforms.

This time Valerie features on the newest reality show in Kenya, The Bahati Empire on Netflix.

The two sisters have a rather dramatic moment in a trailer released by Bahati a few days ago. Their fans can't wait to watch what led to that incident.

Valerie attended the launch of the show on Thursday, June 6, and spoke to YouTuber Trudy Kitui about her life.

She began by sharing how thankful she was for them.

"It goes without saying, that's family. I would do anything for them. Secondly, it is the fact that they are always there. They are always striving to do better"

Speaking about the drama in the forthcoming show, she indicated fans will be thrilled

"You have not seen anything, Nimeburn." she hinted.

She revealed she is single and her ideal man is more like Bahati.

"Shot your shot if you got money OKRRR.." she encouraged those interested in her.

Val spoke glowingly about her brother-in-law, saying she wants a man with similar qualities

"First of all let me say this, aki msi get out of context. Let me say this. I would want my ideal kind of man, characteristic-wise, not physically. I want a man who has the same characteristics na Baha"

Clarifying her comments, Val said

"Let me say this again. Baha is very driven, very like he knows what he wants when he wants. He is a creative person, I would like a creative person in my life. Someone who will push me, someone who will  be there for me, financially mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, every aspect"

"Secondly I would like someone who will prioritize me."

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