I'd never date a popular guy again- Mylee Staicey announces

• Mylee, who was in a controversial on and off relationship with gospel artist Weezdom

• The two even appeared on a reality TV show together

Mylee Staicey
Digital content creator Mylee Staicey
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and fashion enthusiast Mylee Staceiy has dispelled the notion that she dates people in the limelight just to push her own popularity.

While responding to a netizen who had commented, "You only date popular guys for fame," during a QnA session she had with her fans the young lady started by making it clear that her era of dating popular guys was long gone.

Mylee, who was in a controversial on and off relationship with gospel artist Weezdom, maintained she was currently dating a new man and he was as far removed from social media and the limelight as one could possibly be.

"Oohh my goodness, what do you mean? I would never date a popular guy ever ever again. The man I am actually dating is very very private. I would never date a popular guy in my life again," the digital content creator stated.

She doubled down on her earlier remarks adding that besides not dating anyone famous, she would never post a man on her socials ever again.

"The man I'm dating, is private and I will never show him to you guys. I'm never posting him on my social media handles, actually I will never post a man on social media. If that ever happens... siku mtaona nimepost mwanaume kwa social media yangu just know that my socials have been hacked or huyo mtu amepotea.

Actually, no, no even if he goes missing I would not post him," Mylee dramatically said as she let out a little chuckle.

Finishing up, and for emphasis she maintained the type of men she was now attracted to were the anonymous ones;

"So no, I feel I have crossed that bridge in life. Popular guys for me at the moment it is a no. I love my men private, with no social media, zero followers just anonymous,"

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