'No man has ever dumped me!' Betty Kyallo proudly declares

• The former KTN and K24 anchor noted that no man has ever said no to her advances except one.

Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

Former screen queen Betty Kyallo has spoken about her past relationships and revealed the stunning fact that she has never been dumped.

Speaking in an interview with Nation, the mom of one who was once famously married to Dennis Okari noted that it nearly happened with one particular guy.

“There is this one guy, I can’t remember what I did and he started withdrawing, and when I noticed that, and because I’m not the kind of a lady to be dumped, I dumped him first before he could dump me.

I think he was scared of my maintenance, a bill here a bill there so he started acting up, and being unavailable. But we are good friends now, I’m good with most of my exes which is a good thing I think”.

The former KTN and K24 anchor noted that no man has ever said no to her advances except one.

During the interview, she also addressed her current dating life stating that she was firmly focused on her businesses and is more circumspect going forward because of the relationships in the past.

“There are good guys out there but for now I’m not available. I feel like when you are a celebrity or famous, you can never be sure what reason(s) brings someone to your life."


"I say so because I have been in relationships where I’m just a trophy, by that I mean the guy doesn’t want you to talk or work. He just wants you to sit there looking pretty and smile. This is why you need to go a bit slow (with being in a relationship). Right now I’m at a good space,” Kyallo says.

She finished by noting the drawbacks that come with being rich, famous on her dating life,

“For women of our stature, and I have had this discussion with some of my peers, we feel like most good guys shy away from hitting on us because of the perception they have of us. They probably think we are high maintenance but I want to say to them, that they need to be confident and approach us except for me. We can always work out these things you know,”

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