' I would get married as a second or third wife' Citizen TV host Azeezah

• Azeezah says she does not have the strength to keep wondering where her man is.

Azeezah courtesy instagram
Azeezah courtesy instagram

TV personality Azeezah has said she wouldn't mind being a second wife.

According to her the only thing she wouldn't do is date a celebrity. In an interview with SPM Buzz she shared

"Hii mwaka haiishi naona nikiolewa.

I would be married as a second or third wife, where is the problem in that? If I was a second wife and you respect me and want a second wife I wouldn't mind.

Do you know how hard it is to always have your heart beating? We will take care of our man together.

But I can’t date a celebrity. My focus would only be you. If you marry me I will leave the limelight and be mke nyumbani (Stay-at-home mum)"


Here's a list of famous men in Kenya who have openly discussed polygamy:

In an interview with SPM Buzz just a day ago, the comedian admitted that his upbringing influenced his decision.

He stated,

"Mke nitapanga. I am in the process of organizing but now I'm doing interviews. I'm not in a hurry to marry, but I want to retire before I'm 40. So before I'm 40, I would have married."

Chipukeezy believes he can provide adequately for all his wives, saying, "I can't have one wife. I have this piece of land here, I have another, and I have a third.

So far, there are three (women) who have qualified. For real, I have space for three wives. I can accommodate them until I die. My dad had seven. So it's something we've been taught; we cannot have this discussion. I am a polygamous man."

2. Mr. Seed

Mr. Seed, the singer, found himself in a storm with his wife in January after declaring that men are naturally polygamous.

He stated, "Tell me, we men have intelligence. I can be in a relationship with you for about 3 years, you understand? Just three years of observing you, knowing well that you’re not what I want.

So, I’m there, and one day you wake up to find out the guy has already arranged a wedding because this girl thought she was a winner.

We have other female friends, right? Among those friends, we evaluate them to see who would make a good wife. Maybe even your best friend. Men were created to have multiple wives."

However, he later retracted his statement and apologized to his wife Nimo when she protested.

He wrote, "Dear Nimo, I apologize sincerely for any unintended hurt my recent comment on marriage and relationships may have caused.

I realize now that my words did not align with the respect I hold for you. Your feelings matter deeply to me, and I am committed to being more thoughtful in my expressions moving forward.

I value our relationship dearly and regret any discomfort my remarks may have brought to you or any other person. With love, Mr. Seed."

3. Boni Khalwale

Boni is transparent about his marital status, openly acknowledging his three wives and introducing them in a heartwarming family picture in February.

In a video, the senator revealed, "I have four wives and 17 children." Unfortunately, his first wife, Adelaide Khalwale, passed away; she was the mother of his first three children.

His second wife is Josephine Khalwale, who is the mother of three children. Lastly, he has a third wife named Gloria Khalwale, who is the mother of eight of his children.

4. Samidoh

Samidoh, the Mugithi singer, sparked widespread discussion in 2023 regarding his involvement with two women.

In December 2023, he made an appearance in an undisclosed video, revealing that he was indeed single. During a live video, Samidoh chuckled as he stated, "I was a polygamous man but now I am single."

5. Kikuyu singer Muigai wa Njoroge

The musician spoke about his personal life in 2021. "Me having a second wife is not a sin," he declared, urging people to refrain from harsh judgment. "You want me to grow old so I can get a second one? I am not a nun.

Let us live our lives. I loved her (Second wife) and I could not live her to stray around with my kids," he pleaded.

His first wife, since January, has openly discussed their separation, lamenting, "We failed! Am I married? Not anymore! Not anymore! We tried, I don’t want to blame anyone because we tried, but unfortunately, it never worked, and that is the saddest thing. It never worked; anger became the danger."

6. Peter Salasya

The Member of Parliament for Mumias East, also revealed this year his desire to have as many as three wives. Speaking to Oga Obinna in April, he candidly expressed his intentions.

When asked about his marriage plans, he responded, "I don't know. You know, the issue of marriage is also complicated, you know the type of wife I want, okay I am a polygamous person." Obinna then inquired how many wives he desires, to which he replied, "I want three wives."

8. Stephen Letoo

The journalist from Citizen TV, revealed in February that he is fully polygamous, asserting that it's natural for men to have multiple wives and women should accept it.

During an interview on Radio Maisha, Letoo discussed his plans for a mass wedding with his wives at Ole Ntimama grounds on April 20.

He didn't specify the number of wives he intended to marry as they continued to be added to the list along with the dowry.

However, he ultimately married only one woman and faced criticism from netizens. "It's true, I am 100 percent polygamous.

I haven't decided where to stop, I keep adding. The dowry keeps increasing. What's more, I have a very big wedding planned at the grounds of my chairman, Ole Ntimama.

It will be a huge surprise. What I know is that on that day, he won't ask who opposes, but who feels abandoned," Letoo disclosed.

9. Francis Atwoli

Eight years ago, Francis Atwoli, the outspoken Secretary-General of COTU, discussed his perspective in an interview with Standard's Grace Wekesa.

When asked if it's possible for a man of average means to be a successful polygamist today, Atwoli responded, "The world over, there are more women than men (about 65 percent). If we don’t marry many wives, who will marry our daughters?

I am encouraging my sons to marry more than three wives so that we can reduce the population of unmarried women. It’s a taboo in our community to bury our daughters where they were born, they must be married somewhere."

In 2019, while speaking at Bukwala SDA Church during a fundraising event he presided over, Atwoli confessed about his current third wife, stating that old age compelled him to find someone to take care of him.

He advised men considering marrying another wife, "If you must marry another woman, go down on your knees and talk to God. Ask him to forgive you if your desire to get another wife will cause confusion in your family."

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