Jackie Matubia's eye-brow-raising answer to query about co-parenting with Blessing Lung'aho

• The two share a 2-year-old daughter called Zendaya.

Blessing Lung'aho with Jackie Matubia.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia was recently questioned about the state of her relationship with baby daddy and former lover Blessing Lung'aho.

The mom of two was being hosted by a local media station on February 27th when the interviewer ventured into territory that most celebs with touchy relationship histories would rather not delve into.

"It's been almost two years tangu upate mtoto wako wa pili na Blessing Lung'aho na at some point mkakuja mkaachana, so are you guys co-parenting ama namna gani?" the interviewer questioned.

This loosely translated to mean,

(It's been almost two years since you had your second child with Blessing Lung'aho, and at some point, you separated. So, are you guys co-parenting, or how are you handling the situation?)

But Jackie wasn't taking the bait and immediately gave a one-word non-compromising answer saying, "Next."

That answer will surely leave people with more questions than answers considering the contentious split they had (particularly on Jackie's side as far as her social media goes).

This response comes barely 2 weeks after the Salem actress cryptically addressed Blessing's new relationship. 

On Friday, Feb 9, media personality Ankali Ray questioned Jackie over the phone about Lung'aho's recent relationship.

"Shem, I'm sorry for bothering you, but people are talking a lot about this issue. What do you think about it?" Jackie reacted, "Hmm, what have I seen?"

Ankali tried to convey that it's something trending on the internet.  The actress seemed displeased with the question, asking, "You called me for that?"

Ankali defended himself, saying, "I just wanted to know, maybe shem, what's your take on it, and what do you wish for him? Do you wish him happiness or what, shem? What can I tell you? Shem, he didn't pick up our calls, and we thought, okay, but we haven't given up; we'll keep trying. So, are you okay, shem?"

Jackie stated that she is not invested in their potential romance, "Everyone has their own life. Me, I don't even care what happens in his life."

Adding, "Imagine I don't," she quipped. "Yeah, I don't know who they are talking about. That chapter is closed for me, understand?"

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