Jackie Matubia praises her ex-hubby for being a good dad

• Matubia described her ex husband as a good dad to their daughter Zari.

• Matubia is a mother of two.

Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia now says she is good friends with her ex husband and ,

Ina n interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of two shared

"My ex husband and I are best friends. We are very close and its because we realized it's no longer about us.

How would she describe her ex husband? 

"He does not like social media.

He is an amazing father. We were fighting as I left because he wanted the child.You cannot force a grown man to take care of their child.

I learned my lesson the hard way."

She added

"I am the one who decided to get this child, I had options but I chose her."

9 months ago Matubia and her ex hubby had linked up to celebrate their daughter.

After performances, their daughter Zari could excitedly be seen jumping up and down before she ran into her dad's arms and enveloped him in a big embrace. 

Sharing the cute daddy-daughter moment online the Salem actress went on to reveal that Kennedy was actually their daughter's favourite when it came to the two of them.

"With her favourite person," Jackie captioned the heart-warming moment.

Finishing up the day, the family went out to eat. From the 360 video shared, Jackie's mom and dad were seen as well as her last born daughter whom she shares with actor Blessing Lungaho.

"Celebrating Zari with family," Jackie captioned the video.

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