Diana and Nimo Gachuiri in friendly chat in first public appearance

• Nimo and husband Seed were invited to launch of Bahati Empire reality tv show

Diana Marua with Nimo
Diana Marua with Nimo
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Diana and Nimo Gachuiri in a friendly chat

Nimo Gachuri and Diana Marua were spotted speaking in a friendly manner at the launch of the Bahati Empire reality TV launch held on Thursday, June 6.

Nimo and her husband Mr Seed joined many other celebrities who had been invited to the event.

In a video, Nimo and Diana are spotted speaking 

"Congratulations to the Bahatis," she captioned the video.

The muted video showed there was no strained relationship as has been previously alleged.

Bahati leaned in to speak to Nimo who sat at a table, as she smiled. 

Later Diana appeared in the view of the camera as they chatted as well. The two ladies smiled at each other.

It has been years since the two ladies hang out in public together. 

The two female celebrities fell out in 2019 in a New Year even event.

Fans noticed they no longer hang out and sought answers from their former friends.

There have been multiple attempts to reunite them in public, however, their husbands have never done so.

Bahati and Mr Seed have separately said the ladies made up.

In 2022, they separately gave conflicting statements about making up.

Diana told YouTuber Nicholas Kioko that they speak often on the phone.

"People make mistakes and with time, you come to realize maybe you were not mature enough to handle it," she said.

"Life teaches us lessons differently, we have never met after that incident. This is the first time I am meeting her and I'm happy. I have no beef with her."

Kioko then interviewed Nimo, who denied it.

"Like being honest we have never talked for like two years we have never spoken, we have never met in person."

This is likely to excite fans who have been asking the two former friends to extend an olive branch as their husbands have done.

Nimo wore a beautiful black and gold couture full-length gown that made her look so regal.

Her husband Mr Seed wore a black jacket, shirt, and trousers that he paired with black shoes as well.


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