Why Joanna Kinuthia gave up a Sh70k salary back in the day

•  is the founder and CEO of Joanna K Cosmetics, a fast-growing Kenyan makeup brand.

Joanna Kinuthia
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Digital content creator, fashion enthusiast and fast-growing beauty mogul Joanna Kinuthia has shared how she turned down a high-paying job back in the day to sort of blindly pursue content creation as a career.

Speaking during a guest appearance she made on The Cre8, the 29-year-old entrepreneur revealed she gave up a salary of Sh.70,000 back in the day because she had an insatiable hunger to dip her toes in the creative pool.

Joanna, who is currently dating Kenyan artist Chris Kaiga, maintained that at the time she did not know how promising the pool was and if she would be making any good money from it. She just felt that this was the thing she really wanted.

"That time when I joined I think they were paying me Sh. 25k and he said, you know this is a probation salary and they said they were going to push my salary up to Sh. 70k but that did not faze me at all. I knew I was leaving.

Funny thing, mind you I was leaving for nothing!" Joanna animatedly revealed as she walked the podcast host down her memory lane.

She went on to add;

"I was going to pursue this creative thing that I didn't even know if people were making money from it. But that is how much I knew I did not want that job and it was also how much I knew I wanted to pursue content creation. So I turned down Sh. 70k, back at that time."

Currently, the Joanna K Cosmetics founder and CEO has over 236k followers on Instagram and her YouTube channel has over 150k subscribers.

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