I was paid in chips - DJ Joe Mfalme hilariously recounts

• The entertainer is one of East Africa's biggest with his name having the same draw as some big musicians.

DJ Joe Mfalme
Image: courtesy

DJ Joe Mfalme is among entertainers whose beginnings meant he wasn't paid cash for his work but what the promoter could manage.

His dream was to make it a respectable job and get paid figures that made sense. So he branded himself in a way that would show his worth and value to potential clients.

"Anyone can play music, so what other extra thing can you do?" he started.

Recently, Phil Karanja interviewed him and Joe revealed that his first paid gig as a DJ came in the form of food. 

"Eh nililipwa na chipo. Chipo za Sanford. Boss it's crazy, ata afadhali chipo. Kuna watu wanapigiwa tu makofi, that's why these days I have the mindset that hakuna pesa ndogo, me huwork na budget ya client, But I have my limits as well, air but bro, nimepigiwa makofi hii Nairobi (clap for deejaying only)."

Then he started landing small paid events earning Sh500 or Sh2k. His most memorable gig was Big Brother, "Upto today it was the biggest in SA. I did 3 years consecutively. It opened international doors."

He has built his career on a Godly foundation and does not drink and his upbringing in a Christian home is something he has carried on to his career.

"Lazima ukuwe sober kwa job. I used to play drums in Church, and being in Sunday school, Up to today I believe when you build your career on a Godly foundation, you will succeed, whatever whatever people believe online, me I don't care." 

Over the years, several entertainers have ever spoken out about being paid with alcohol, and food or a social media shoutout. 

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