Nairofey gives tips on smartly consuming influencer content

• Her advice comes at a time when the Bahati's recently stirred up emotions online after their publicity stunts before they unveiled their new Netflix reality show.

Image: Instagram

Nairofey is advising Kenyans to consume online content from influencers responsibly. The beauty and lifestyle creator believes not doing so creates unnecessary pressure.

"Sometimes influencers will do things to make you mad so you comment. Content creators are not on the wrong. They are introducing us to all these things." 

She said that any fake life online is for views.

"You see me fill up my fridge, you feel whatever you have is not sufficient for you and it will start making you feel like you are losing in life," she cited an example.

"You should consume this content responsibly and do not pressure yourself into believing everything. Yes, we have these things, but do we show you guys how we got them?

Did I show you guys all these months I saved for this? No we don't, but we will just come and at the end of the day you will feel bad."

She shared her thoughts on how unhealthy it is,

"You need to know where to draw the line, take what resonates, and do not pressurize yourself. always remind yourself that the same way you wake up and go to your office, is the same way that these influencers woke up and had to think of a video, come up with a title, and put it out there, and you have to view for us to make money."

She also touched on the 'Ni God and I'm Lucky' go-to phrase used to explain success,

"So someone will just come online and say I manifested a Mercedes Benz and it just BOOM showed up. These things just do not happen miraculously. By the way, this is something that is really going on and it needs to stop. People need to be honest about it. It doesn't work like that."

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