The Holy Spirit called me- Huddah Monroe announces plans to open new church

• Huddah highlighted through the Holy Spirit she had found her purpose in life while urging others to soul search as well.

• The controversial socialite also announced she'd be permanently moving back to Kenya as she fulfills the call from the Holy Spirit

Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

It seems controversial socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is turning a new leaf, or at least trying to lead others to a spiritual path if her Instagram stories are anything to go by.

According to her most recent posts, the beauty mogul who practices both Islam and Christianity has been called by the Holy Spirit and she will be opening a church in her motherland, Kenya as instructed by the Spirit. Yes, you read that correctly. Huddah is working on building a church and she has asked upcoming pastors and prophetesses to be on the ready as she will be hiring.

"The thought of moving back to Kenya permanently for 2 years is really eating me up because I sold my car thinking I will never live there again. But there is a God project that needs me to be still.

For those wondering I'm moving back in 2026 to open a church, the Holy Spirit called me to it," part of her Instagram stories read as she announced the news to her over 2.4 million followers.

She went on to announces the desired name of her church as she announced that she'd be hiring upcoming preachers as opposed to the mainstream or trending ones.

"Huddah Ministries Prosperity Church. If you are an upcoming pastor or prophetess I will be hiring. Hold onto your Bible and study it," added the former reality TV star.

The socialite who currently resides in Dubai she sent an invitation to Muslims as well, weird as it may be, letting them know that they were also welcomed in her ministries as she promised her Church would be a sanctuary that transforms lives and give all those in attendance peace.

"Muslims are also welcome to Huddah Prosperity Church, a place that gives you peace of mind and changes your life from 0-100

Huddah Prosperity Church slogan will be, 'Transforming Lives,' or it can be, 'Bringing The Youths Back to God and His Teachings... we shall brainstorm,"

Finishing up her posts, she shared a motivational quote highlighting that she had found her purpose in life while urging others to soul search as well.

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose," the last of her Insta stories, in relation to her ministries read.

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