Why Miracle Baby wants to become a pastor after recovering

• The musician has been through the wringer the past few months with a stomach ailment that has kept him spending more time at hospital than singing.

Peter Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram
Peter Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram

Mugithi and Gengetone artist, Peter Miracle Baby, has revealed that he would like to change his profession and become a preacher to spread the gospel after battling illness for over three months now.

Speaking to KOM, the young man requested to start with prayers before the interview, which he did, stating that he intended to become a preacher.

Peter who has been on a long medical journey due to what his wife, Carol Katrue, described as a burst appendix, said it was a vow he made that once he recovered, he would begin preaching the gospel.

However, he said that preaching comes in various forms, stating that he currently doesn't have a church and might start preaching through songs.

"I said I want to be a pastor and preach, you understand. But preaching comes in various forms, one can preach through songs, because someone like me currently doesn't have a church, nor a place to establish one," Miracle Baby said.

The artist also expressed his strong belief that God will open doors for him to find a place to start a church, showing great optimism in succeeding in this new path.

"I know if God wants, He will give me a place to establish a church and it will be, once I find a place to establish a church, I know believers will come for real. So, I have started mine through music," the musician said, citing the example of their new song 'Ndi Mwihia' which they released recently with his wife, Carol Katrue.

Talking about his stomach problem journey, the artist said that he began experiencing stomach issues in 2018.

Earlier this year, his condition worsened, leading to his hospitalization, which resulted in over three surgeries within a month since January.

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