Huddah shared a personal story of beign drugged

Huddah recalls being drugged - I was half dead for 3 days straight

•She blamed her poisoning on 3 jealous girls

• She was saved in the nick of time

couresy huddah instagram
couresy huddah instagram

Beauty entrepreneur Huddah has recounted a horrific drugging incident that almost took her life.

The normally private socialite took to her Instagram stories to testify that she was alive

"Ever since I got drugged in 2018, I was half dead for three days straight and it was done by three ladies who act all holly online...The person they sent liked me and he didn't go to the extreme. He even called doctors to give me food and IV drips"

Huddah blames it on jealous friends she did not name

"The day I woke up I didn't know what happened to me. The guy sent me my n*des looking dead, that's the image they wanted to send to the media after taking my life. And claim I was an addict and all that sht, JEALOUSY IS REAL"

Huddah was recounting her incident as Kenyans speculate over the death of Instagram model Aziza Frisby who died this week.

Vera Sidika claimed it was a result of poisoning stemming from jealousy.

"They knew they can't PIMP me for it. So they used my business as a game plan. Sent this dude to act like an investor. We chatted for months did business plans and all and finally agreed to meet The day of the meeting, the guy drugged my orange juice"

Huddah continued with her horrific account of her drugging

"And the rest was history I will never forget When people shout someone was killed coz of jealousy ask them how they know anyone can kill anyone out of jealousy. How do you know?"

The incident for Huddah served as a reminder to her about friendships

"Thank God that I know people in high places. The guy had run away but we arrested him within 5hrs ...They asked me if I wanted to press charges but one of the culprits was heavily pregnant and the other two were in Kenya So I chose to forgive coz it could have been worse I wouldn't be here if the guy did as he was instructed by those three evil women"

Huddah to date remains a very private socialite and says her circle is small for that reason.

"God said he wasn't done with me yet and he gave me another chance That's why Im forever GRATEFUL I wouldn't be here today ... I'm BLESSED.

They tried to bury me but they didn't realize I was a seed.Stay blessed y'all Remember, Trust God, self, and intuition. Any situation that didn't finish youis a second chance to redeem yourself"

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