Why Jovial has had to go on a long rant about acrylic nails

• The mom of one isn't one to hide her pain points and her long social media post made sure she dealt comprehensively with the issue.

Kenyan songstress Jovial
Image: Instagram

Kenyan songstress Jovial has asked netizens to quit bothering her over her supposedly unmade nails.

The coast-based singer expressed that she enjoys keeping short natural nails over acrylics, especially after having a few terrible encounters with the long add-on nails.

She also added that she does chores around the house a lot thus another reason why she can not keep long nails.

"What is this obsession with some of you ya kupenda kuona watu na makucha yakubandika??? You all need to leave me alone!" started the 'Jeraha' crooner clearly triggered from receiving the comment on multiple occasions.

She went on to share a painful encounter while donning long acrylics that left her contemplating all her life decisions.

"I have been getting this a lot! Ety 'hujatengeneza kucha?' Kuna wengine wetu kama mimi sipendi kucha ndefu ama za kupandika most times. I love them short and clean!

There is a day I have ever hit one of my nails when I had acrylics while I was about to go on stage. I was alighting the car when I hit my nail. At that point, I had to tell the security to stop for a good 5 minutes as I absorbed the pain and thought about myself. That pain is not a joke at all," wrote the songstress on her Instagram stories.

Finishing up, Jovial explained that her natural nails get affected a lot when she has the fake nails highlighting that as another reason why she isn't a huge fan of them.

She asked her fans and netizens alike to stop confronting her with questions about her "unmade nails' especially following her detailed narration of her sort of beef with long nails.

"Another reason why I don't like having acrylics is because when you go to the salon to get the nails removed, my natural nails are always chipped and have breakage.

I do make my nails but sometimes I take a break, so y'all chill out and let me rest. Also I am a house chores person," the last of her post read.

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