Jovial - "Co-parenting is draining"

• The musician is a mother of one.

Image: Instagram

Singer Jovial has shared her two cents on co-parenting. The mother of one has revealed that when two people fight over co-parenting, the child is the one who hurts.

She took to social media to share;

"Co-parenting has got to be one of the most draining things on this earth," she said.

She added that in most cases, one party is ussually still very bitter "Wakidhani they are getting back at you wen the real victim is the child."

"When you tell your close people you are having a baby watakutishia na story za body changes ujitayarishe kumbe you need to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically!"

She concluded by advising "Have that child when you are ready to have that child." 

Jovial has managed to keep her daughter on the low key and rarely speaks about her past relationship with the father of her child.

Jovial is an entertainer, vocalist, recording, and performing artist, soaring her brand in the music industry. 

Her style of music is Afro-Fusion and R&B, she sings mainly in the Swahili language which she states allows her to express herself well and defines her true identity as a Kenyan.

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