Frustrated Jovial makes vow after gaining weight

• Another celeb who complained about adding weight was beauty influencer Phoina Tosha.

Image: Instagram

Coast-based singer Jovial is getting real about her struggles with weight gain and what she intends to do about it.

On Saturday, December 2, the singer revealed life has caused her to gain weight in a candid post on he Instagram stories.

"I've been adding so much weight non-stop!!!" she said about her shifting lifestyle. She referred to her inactive lifestyle,

"I don't like it, I'm going back to the gym."

She has noticed a shift in her metabolism and body shape. "Anyway before that any good recommendations for a good slimming tea, a good one kindly? "

She also says that she gets frustrated when she weighs herself on the scale,

"I'm going on a strictly 30-day challenge. I'll post before and after. Honest reviews."

She added;

"I just want my body back, 2024 God willing zile ngoma nataka kutoa ni za mauno tu! NB Im reading all the DMs."

Another celebrity who opened up about not being happy she has added weight is beauty entrepreneur Phoina, who revealed she underwent liposuction to shape her body.

Phoina questioned how she gained so much weight but also expressed her determination to get rid of it.

In several videos showing preparations for the cosmetic surgery, Phoina let her fans see behind the scenes leading up to the moment in the operating theatre.

She has so far been showing how snatched her body has become post-surgery.

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