2 drastic moves Huddah would make if she were president

• The socialite through her socials shared her ambition to the lead the country and how she would make things better.

Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

Controversial socialite, entrepreneur, and beauty mogul Huddah Monroe is a big dreamer and she has always let that be known through many a different ways.

Following the viral arrest of 19-year-old Ian, whom Huddah has been vehemently been defending since a video of him assaulting a traffic officer broke social media, the socialite took to her Instagram stories to share a few things she would do were she ever to be the leader and commander in chief of the country.

According to the former reality TV show star, she would be problematically unapologetic within just an hour of her getting sworn in.

The socialite shared two of the very first drastic measures she would take without considering any consequences that come along with her actions.

"If I was a president for one day, I'd first make sure everyone pays for every inhumane thing they ever did to anyone just because they had power," started the socialite.

She went on to note that the next thing she would get done while in power was to throw all corrupt individuals behind bars, irrespective of the positions they held in the country.

"Next thing, is to jail everyone who stole the country's money," Huddah noted.

Finishing up the beauty mogul added, "I would just be CHAOTIC for the first hour!!!" Accompanying the post with several laughing emojis.

In a different post, the socialite seemingly appeared to contradict herself as she shared her love for bad politicians highlighting she always sees them as heroes and insanely attractive.

"By the way, wait... Out of the histories of leaders, I'm always attracted to the bad ones. I don't see a villain, I see a hero. Something is wrong within me," she bluntly wrote on her social media.

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