• Huddah shared a post where President Ruto while giving his daughter away in marriage, expressed he also had fears about marrying into Igbo's.

• She shared that to her Congolese and Nigerians are a no-go zone.

The socialite has spoken about dating West African men
Huddah Monroe The socialite has spoken about dating West African men
Image: Instagram

You all know how controversial 'bad girl ' Huddah Monroe loves to get. She speaks her mind without fear even on topics one wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

This time round she was sharing advice given to her younger self by her mom. She wrote, "Don't date/ marry West African men. Especially from Congo or Nigeria."

Sharing a post from when H.E President Ruto gave away his daughter, June Ruto in marriage to Dr Alexander Ezenagu, Huddah brought up the subject on dating men from the Western countries especially Nigeria and Congo. 

Part of the post had highlighted Ruto's speech where lightly  he voiced how hard it was giving his daughter away to Igbo's due to his past experiences with them.

Ruto amid laughter from the guests, narrated the story of Anthony Chinedu, a man who hit Kenyan headlines for sometime and had to be deported, as the crowd burst into laughter.

The post read, " It is not easy to give away your daughter, especially to Nigerians. It is both an exciting and anxious moment. It is not easy as a parent to give away your daughter.

It is much more difficult if you are giving away your daughter to Nigerians.It is much more difficult when you are giving your daughter to Igbos."

Sharing the post on her Insta stories Huddah captioned it, " In Kenya every parent warned their daughters about West African men immediately our bursts started showing. We didn't hear WORD!"

The entrepreneur has given her thoughts on dating men from the west of the African continent
Huddah Monroe. The entrepreneur has given her thoughts on dating men from the west of the African continent
Image: Instagram

I must not be Kenyan because my mom and I never had such talks, am I the only one? Is this like a thing? Were girls seriously warned about dating Nigerians?

The entrepreneur largely based in Dubai then went on to add that not only her mom but her aunties as well had on numerous occasions warned her but their warnings fell on deaf ears.

Guess they didn't lie, forbidden fruits are indeed the sweetest it seems.

Huddah highlighted how she was served spoonfuls of character development properly and finally came to understand why she had been given all these warnings.

"As a teen, my mom and aunties always told me to never date a West African man, especially Congo and Nigerian men. I wish I listened, I didn't know until when I knew... if you know you know." Huddah wrote.

Have you had interactions with West African men and if so, what was your experience ?

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