When I turned 40: Kanze Dena highlights important steps she took

• She went on to reveal how eager she is for coming years

Former State House spokesperson Kenze Dena

Former State House spokesperson Kenze Dena is celebrating her birthday. 

She has revealed that after she turned 40, she took intentional steps to build a social base that would be her fortress in all seasons. 

"Today my heart is full. I am grateful full for UNCONDITIONAL... for St Francis ACK couples family.. my mushene girls. ABOVE ALL."

She also thanked her husband "Mr Mararo what would the last 5 years be without you? 🥰💗 DENA GANG Abi! I thank God for the opportunity to fellowship and swallowship as family.LASTLY... I woukd like to thank you all who sent messages and made calls ,those I know personally and those I don't know. God bless you for me.TRULY , TODAY MY HEART IS FULL!... "

She went on to reveal how eager she is for coming years.

"50 Sikuogopi.... kujaaa!HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLEN BEATRICE KANZE DENA -MARARO, Keep keeping on..mbele kuko sawa. The Lord is on the throne!"

She recently spoke life into herself through social media, shutting down claims of being sick.

"Life na good oh!. Not EXITING this race called LIFE anytime soon. Fixing my eye on Jesus the Author and finisher of my life. I stand and declare God's word that He shall honor me and Satisfy me with long life. No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling. I shall live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the leaving. GOD I thank you for your word for it shall not go out and return void.I am confident of this Every tongue that raises itself against me in judgement is condemned. This is my heritage"

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