From gengetone rapper to pastor - Exploring Miracle Baby's oustanding journey


• A month ago the singer Miracle Baby had promised to preach the gospel when he was discharged from the hospital.

Peter Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram

Singer Miracle Baby who is known for the boy band' Sailors Gang' came into the limelight in 2017 with the gengetone genre.

Peter's musical journey had several ups and downs that led to the Sailors Gang split and also later he was diagnosed with a serious stomach condition. 

This piece will cover his journey throughout his career, hospitalization, and ministering. 


The Sailors Gang was formed in 2017 whereby they began releasing hit songs, some of them being Wakiritho ft  Octopizzo, Pekejeng, Wamlambez among others.

The trio continued trending up to early 2021 when the genre began moving sluggishly and ended up being rebranded to Arbantone giving birth to a new generation of artists.

The trio later ended up splitting.

According to Peter's explanation, an international label offered Gengetone groups free audio and video production in exchange for signing with them.

This led Sailors to part ways with their manager, media personality Mwalimu Rachel that ended up breaking the trio.


In early 2020, Peter started to explore the Mugithi genre together with his wife Carol Katrue who shook their fans after releasing banger songs back to back.

Some of the songs they were singing revolved around love and how their love life has been.

Songs like Wendo Witetere and Kana Gaitu hit the vernacular radio station leading to their blowing up.


Miracle Baby’s health challenges commenced in 2018, marked by persistent stomach issues that prompted a series of surgeries aimed at alleviating his symptoms.

For close to five years, Miracle Baby has been contending with a formidable gastrointestinal condition, requiring numerous surgeries and continuous medical attention.

Becoming a pastor

Recently after he was discharged from the hospital Miracle Baby made a huge announcement leaving fans in shock if indeed he was serious.

A month ago the singer Peter had promised to preach the gospel when he was discharged from hospital.  A video showed the singer in a hospital bed while his mother recorded him.

"Bwana asifiwe. I'm going to preach. Nikitoka hapa nakua pastor and I will preach. Wenye wamenisupport God bless you. Mungu anasema hapa ninatoka."

Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram

The songwriter officially made it public that he was ordained to be a pastor. 

In a photo caption, the singer stated, "Thank you apostle John Paul kwa kunisalimu na mafuta nitamtumikia mungu adi mwisho wa dunia🙏🙏"

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