Miracle Baby and wife release song amid health complications

His music fans are happy he is on the mend and congratulated him for this latest move:

Carol Katrue with Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram

Two weeks ago, during his birthday celebration, Peter Miracle Baby teased a moment in a church. He turned 25 years old.

He was standing in front of a Church podium, perhaps preparing to preach.

"Planning to drop something good for you coz I love giving you my best ❤️❤️❤️" he teased fans about his intentions.

It has now emerged that he was in the Church shooting a music video for his newest Kikuyu song 'Ndi Wihia'.

Peter and his wife Carol Katrue have released a song dedicated to his ailing health, and sharing his testimony of slowly recovering.

The couple is Mugithi singers after leaving gengetone. 

"God is Good all the times ...🙏🙏🙏💪💪" he praised God.

His music fans are happy he is on the mend and congratulated him for this latest move.

Read some of the comments below:

shamsanyambura....You are strong Peter, you are gonna be a living testimony, we know God will do wonders and give you good health in shaa Allah

nickndeda....Good to see you up on your feet. That's wsup

_ves.kiiru_...God performs miracles

The ex genge singer has been suffering from intestine complications with health problems dating back to 2018 when he underwent a misdiagnosed appendectomy.

"When they conducted the CT scan and identified a growth, they performed surgery to remove it. However, upon realizing there was no actual growth, they removed the appendix without informing us," Katrue disclosed in March 2024.

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