Celebrities who will vie for political seats in 2027

• Kenyans will be going to the ballot in 2027.

Ballot Box

With 2027 being three years away some Kenyan celebrities have expressed interest  in vying for political seats.

These include.

1. Cassy Pool

Social media commentator Cassy Pool.

 He wants to vie for Nairobi governor in 2027.

In 2022, he vied for the Presidential seat but he did not win. He wants to represent his people.

Cassy Pool
Image: Instagram

2. Kennedy Kabugi

Content creator Kennedy Kabugi has announced he will be vying for a political seat in 2027.

Kabugi stated he is yet to decide which position to vie for.

"2027 I will be on the ballot watu wa Sijasettle bado (I haven’t decided yet on which seat) but I must be on the ballot,’ he affirmed.

Content creators Kabugi and Sheril

3. Ivy Chelimo

Ivy Chelimo, the woman who coined the name Riggy G  will also be vying  for a political seat in 2027.

In an interview with Amina Abdi  she shared

"I want to vie for Nandi senator/MCA in 2027.

It's something I want to do."

Who does she look up to for inspiration?

"Gladys Boss Shollei. I like she is eloquent,educated. She is not everywhere."

to Sue Alvan Kirui.
Ivy Chelimo to Sue Alvan Kirui.

4. KRG The Don

Revealing this information to Betty Kyallo Friday on TV47 May 31, the Maambo Imechemka hitmaker confidently declared that he is ready to take up such a huge challenge

"Of course. I normally tell people there is no a rich man who is stupid. They always know what they are doing. It's only that they cannot tell you exactly that this is the agenda because you see it's a puzzle, you have to know from this year, to next year I'm gonna be doing this. Then from next year to the other year I'm gonna be doing this."

He prefers to keep his strategy silent as he lays the ground for his entry. He appeared to suggest he would set aside music and business for politics.

"Once I'm in public office I will not be doing my private business. So I want my kids to be doing the private business and then me I go to become a public officer."

He also did not want to discuss the region he would vie in,

"I want to start with MP. I don't want to disclose. I don't want people to panic saa hii. You know when people hear Bughaa anataka Mp, and then also sitaki kutoa pesa ya matanga. So if I declare it is a certain place, na hao watu wa mahali hio wako na number yangu, sasa they will make it my personal business."

KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

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