Video that caused TikTok to temporarily ban Karen Nyamu

• The Chinese-owned app has some very strict community guidelines to protect its close to 2 billion user base.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Politician Karen Nyamu has been temporarily suspended from TikTok's live feature following an incident where she embraced another woman closely during a live broadcast.

In response, the nominated senator took to Insta Stories to commend the platform's decision and endorse TikTok's commitment to upholding community guidelines.

"I like the controls and checks TikTok has put in place. A lady just happened to hug me on my live, and this happened," Nyamu wrote.

She humorously dispelled rumours about TikTok facing a ban in Kenya, suggesting that such an outcome would only come to pass over her metaphorical dead body.

"TikTok itabanniwa in Kenya nikiwa bafu nikioga (TikTok will only be banned in Kenya over my dead body)," she amusingly remarked.

Sharing a screenshot, the senator revealed that her suspension from the live feature was brief, with access reinstated after a few hours.

"Your access to go LIVE and multi-guest will be restored on May 7, 2024, 11:29 PM. Your access to mobile gaming will be restored on May 7, 2024, 11:29 PM. Violation reasons; Sexually suggestive content," the screenshot read.

What can cause TikTok to ban users from going live?

TikTok can ban users from going live if they violate community guidelines, particularly if they engage in behavior deemed inappropriate or harmful.

This could include sharing sexually suggestive content, engaging in harassment or bullying, promoting violence or hate speech, or violating copyright laws.

Additionally, repeated violations of TikTok's policies can result in temporary or permanent bans from certain features, including live streaming.

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