Priscilla Wa Imani- I vied for an MCA seat got 44 votes

• She was inspired to join TikTok by her kids.

• She says becoming famous made her get a voice to change society.

priscilla wa imani
priscilla wa imani

Priscilla Wa Imani rose to fame for her whistling trend.

In an interview with Jeff Kuria, she says the whistling started when she was vying for a political seat.

"I had vied for a political seat and got 44 votes. I wanted to be the MCA, Salam ward in Laikipia county.

I did not bribe. I started whistling when I joined politics.

I had hopes of how we won. 

When we lost it was very embarrassing and I would hide myself in the house."

After losing the political seat, she returned back home to count her losses.

"My kids loved Azziad on TikTok, they advised me to join the platform and be me.

I asked myself what the kids see in me. One day I recorded myself whistling, and I put the video on TikTok.

Maina Kageni posted it on his socials and so It went viral."

With time Wa Imani landed gigs due to her whistling. She was also able to meet Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

"My life changed a lot after I met Sakaja. I would love to sit down with him.

I got a voice when I became famous."

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