'Samidoh, lipa mahari ya Karen Nyamu!' He responds

• The musician has been dating the politician for close to 5 years and has 2 kids with her.

Karen Nyamu with her baby daddy Samidoh.

Nearly three weeks after arriving in the US to visit his first family, Samidoh faced suggestions from fans on his Facebook post to pay a dowry for Karen Nyamu.

One netizen, Angel N Shantel, directly urged Samidoh to pay Nyamu's dowry, warning him that he would forever be considered an orphan kept by a sugar mummy if he neglected this responsibility.

Angel N Shantel stated, "#Samidoh until you pay dowry to Karen Nyamu...itabaki kuwa Mtoto Yatima Amewekwa na Mumama."

In response to Angel N Shantel's comment, Samidoh chuckled and remarked on the wonders of Kenyans.

However, he did not explicitly address whether he would consider the suggestion of paying Karen Nyamu's dowry. Samidoh's response was, "Angel N Shantel Aki Kenyans🤣."

The funny thing is that exactly one year ago in January 2023, when Samidoh and Nyamu were not on good terms, the singer had spoken on the notion of ever officially marrying the politician.

In a speech that shocked many, the father of 2 of Nyamu's 3 kids responded to a social media user named Joyce Wairimu Mbuthia, who had told the singer.

"Samidoh don't accept to be a slave to your past. Make peace and move on, you don't have to marry a second wife by force juu amezaa kwa kutaka ama kukutega. And she is not giving you peace either! you have a very mature wife and peaceful! Be content with that and build your home"

Samidoh responded in full agreement to this view writing, "Heheh, I will never agree to take to my mother a frog to please people"

During that same January period, calls from a fan urging Samidoh not to marry Karen led to a dramatic response from the nominated senator herself.

"Hehe, ata yeye ajue kusoma the signs of the times. Gone are the days when it mattered what he says. The uhii I sawa cannot be unseen,” she retorted at the time.

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