Emotions high as Bahati and Diana Marua send off Morgan

• The adopted first child of the couple has been a blessing to them with his excellent grades and outstanding character.

Diana Marua, Bahati and Morgan
Image: Instagram

Singer Kelvin Bahati penned an emotional statement on Wednesday after he and his wife Diana Marua saw off their foster child, Morgan Bahati, returning to school.

Morgan, who has been living with Bahati's family for nearly a decade, joined a boarding school earlier this year, and the singer revealed that it is an emotional time for them whenever the young one leaves home to go back to school.

"For over 10 years now, our son @morgan_bahati has never been far from us, and every time he leaves for boarding school, it's an emotional moment for us," Bahati said in a statement posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

He accompanied the statement with photos showing himself, his wife Diana, and their son Morgan seated inside their car heading to school.

The former gospel singer continued to talk about how proud he is of the 13-year-old boy's progress in school and how well they are nurturing him.

"We are happy to see him adapt to the new school life, and it is evidence that we are raising a strong, champion-ready to overcome challenges in the market," he said.

"Our son, go and succeed in the name of Jesus," he added.

On her part, Diana Marua expressed her great love for the young boy and urged him to go and make them proud at school.

"I love you, my son @morgan_bahati. It makes us proud," Diana said.

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