Emotional! Diana Marua's opens letter to her late Mother

• Mum, I know you are my guardian Angel - Diana Marua.

• Maybe I could have bought you cars, land, Jewellery, or even a mansion – Diana Marua

Diana Marua
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Content creator Diana Marua has penned an open letter to her late mother as she goes down memory lane to pay tribute to her. 

Marua used her socials to share a heartfelt message to her mother, updating her on how she and her family are doing since she left. 

She wishes that her mother could have been around to witness all the success she has achieved at her age. 

Maybe I could have bought you cars, land, Jewellery, or even a mansion – Diana Marua

 Here is Diana Marua letter to her mom;

Dear Mum,

I’m reminded of your good deeds soo often 🥹 If only you were alive today, God knows how much I would have done for you. I sit and Wonder how different life would be with you around, but God had other plans that I cannot question 🙏🏼

Maybe I would have bought for you cars, maybe I would have have bought for you Jewellery because you loved them much, maybe today… I would have surprised you with a piece of Land or maybe, this season of Mothers Day, I would have been wrapping your eyes to surprise you with a fully furnished mansionette but then again, all I can Say is, Thank you God for allowing me to spend the few years I spent with you 😭

I’m left to treasure the memories I create with my kids everyday. My goal is to give them the life I never had, hoping that as they grow, they will value our time together.

Mum, I know you are my guardian Angel, what I’ve said on todays video…. Is a letter to you, I hope I have made you proud to be an Inspiration to my Generation 🙏🏼

Team Dee, we are live on youtube #DIANABAHATI ❤️

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