Yvette Obura gushes over Diana Marua & Bahati in rare confession with Mpasho [Video]

• Mama Mueni also addressed online rumors suggesting that she had rekindled her relationship with Bahati

• Yvette Obura showers Diana Marua with praises

Yvette Obura, Mueni Bahati and Diana Marua
Image: courtesy

Businesswoman Yvette Obura is out here giving Diana Marua and her hubby Bahati for their amazing parents to her daughter Mueni Bahati.

In an interview with Mpasho Mama Mueni lauded Diana for being a good mom to her daughter and always being ready to help when she is going through a tough time. 

She recounted a time when Diana provided support when she was not okay mentally. 

"Diana Bahati is such an amazing mum and am giving her her flowers. There's this one time I had a very bad mental break-down and she took Mueni for like two weeks. Huwezi lea mtoi ukiwa mentally unwell. Hio ndio siku nakaanga hivi najiambia this girl is heaven sent. Hata nguo mob sinunuliangi Mueni. Anakujanga tu ananiambia ni Diana amenunua. Anamwitanga mum," she said.

Obura expressed admiration for Diana's mothering skills and acknowledged her as a source of comfort and assistance during challenging times.

Regarding co-parenting with Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, Obura had nothing but praise.

She described them as exemplary parents to their daughter, Mueni, and emphasized that they have never had any major conflicts.

"Co-parenting is amazing. I think the only fight we have with bahati is that anataka Mueni akae kwake sana. Hatujawahi pigana. They are amazing people," she said.

Obura addressed online rumors suggesting that she had rekindled her relationship with Bahati, categorically denying any such occurrence.

She emphasized the importance of respecting Bahati's marriage to Diana and urged others to do the same.

Obura mentioned that she broke up with her boyfriend just last year, questioning how and when possible it was for her to reconcile with Bahati

"When? Never! My break-up happened last year, so ilihappen Lini? Make it make sense," she said.

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