Yvette Obura shares struggles to lose weight through fasting

• She had earlier found success with fasting

Yvetter Obura

Businesswoman and social media influencer Yvette Obura is out here narrating her struggles to lose weight.

In a new update, Ms Obura mentioned that she was looking noticeably heavier as she shared photos she took recently. 

"Weight joined the group 🤧🤧Since Intermittent fasting chose not to work for me anymore," Ms Obura said. 

Yvette had previously been practicing intermittent fasting and process that was working perfectly for her until recently. 

According to John Hopkinds.org, Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating on a regular schedule. Research shows that intermittent fasting is a way to manage your weight and prevent — or even reverse — some forms of disease. 

Intermittent fasting or IF, is a method used by many enthusiasts to eat during specific times. Additionally, Mayoclinic.org says that multiple research show  intermittent fasting may be more beneficial than other diets for reducing inflammation and improving conditions associated with inflammation, such as:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke

Her fans have assured her that she still looks good, even with the added weight.

nzulamakosi... At least our waist is still snatched

i.am_nyamkamba...I noticed kuna place ikofika if doesn’t work anymore

miz_kithinji...So IF gets to a place where it doesn't work?

maury_githinji...Your weight looks so good on you

naitalel_maina...You look so good Yvette

muthembavictoria....Ur still looking good mama 

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