Slahver: I lost 18kgs after my breakup with Nicah

Slahver has opened up about losing 18kgs after his break up with gospel singer and reality TV star Nica The Queen aka Jesus Girl

Nicah The Queen with her ex bae DJ Shlaver.

Talent manager and deejay, Slahver has opened up about losing 18kgs after his break up with gospel singer and reality TV star Nica The Queen aka Jesus Girl.

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Slahver said the break up brought about depression.

 "I lost weight because of the heartbreak,lack of appetite and social life. Before me and Nicah went separate ways,I was weighing 87Kgs and last week when I visited the hospital cos of the pneumonia,I was weighing 69Kgs."

On if he has moved on, Slahver told the media personality that thats not his priority at the moment "Actually I don't think it's the right time for me to be in a romantic relationship with someone new because she might end up being a rebound which I'm highly avoiding," he said 

So, would he be willing to get back together with Nica?

"If things go well as I plan to adjust my career,why not go back because I don't believe in breaking but fixing. Aging has taught me that you can have one person whom you can have 360 experience together including giving a relationship a break when it's breaking you guys."

Deejay Slahver
Deejay Slahver

He highlighted five things that can make relationships work "Friendship, Love, Loyalty, Honesty and respect. The rest you leave it to God. So if by the time I'm ready to move on again and she'll still be single and ready to give it another shot,why not."

To gain back his usual weight, Slahver revealed that he has started working out at the gym, having at least five meals a day, hanging out with the new sets of friends he has created recently and focusing on self love. 

The businessman explained to Ms Musyimi that at some point, he had very low self esteem "where I pushed away everyone who wanted to meet me physically and was just preferring to drive alone at time when my mind was demanding to just be around people or just see a lot of movement," he said

Adding "I turned down so many opportunities because I was not so confident enough to hold a meeting in a boardroom or with a potential client that we've never met before."

He advised people to always reach out to friends and family to know how they are fairing.

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