Main reason Savara dropped vegan lifestyle

• He laughed when asked what it felt like taking that first bite of meat.

Image: Instagram

Besides his incredible outfits, Sauti Sol's Savara normally steals the show with his verses/lyrics blowing the minds of concertgoers. 

Even when performing at a high level, he has been following a vegan-formulated diet. Recently he spoke to the Mic Cheque Podcast about how the program can be healthy and credited his flawless body to the diet although he no longer follows that lifestyle,

"I was ...ah bro nilikonda. Unajua wasee...wasee walikuwa wamezoea mandingo, yani me ahhh..." indicating he was no longer muscular.

His reason for going vegan?

"There was. Not health reasons but nilikuwa tu nataka kujijua. It's like fasting, uki fast unaanza kujijua deep. You know how far you can go. So I just did that just to..." he shrugged his shoulders.

The vegan lifestyle was for almost a year. the dramatic weight loss made him reconsider.

"Like nine months, almost a year. Ilienda too much," he revealed. 

He laughed when asked what it felt like taking that first bite of meat.

He describes his EP 'No Overthinking'  as crazy. It will be released on May 3rd and promises his fans a great work of art.

The singer also told the podcast that he had put a lot into the songwriting process.

"When you are recording an EP, sometimes you give people something before I go into my album, coz I'm an album artiste. Expect some craziness."

He has been performing as a solo artiste since Sauti Sol announced their hiatus from music in early 2023. The musician will be doing his first solo American tour in May which kicks off on his birthday.

He will be touring with Nyashinski, Eddy Kenzo, Dynamo and Javan Okelo.

"It's a new chapter in my journey as a live act and I can't wait for you guys to experience the vibe," finished.

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