Diana Marua's lovely message to Morgan Bahati after terrifying incident

β€’ Morgan is the adopted first-born child of Bahati and his wife Diana.

Diana Marua with Morgan Bahati
Image: Instagram

Popular YouTube vlogger, Diana Marua, celebrated their first child, Morgan Bahati, just a day after they narrowly escaped a frightening incident on the road.

Morgan was with the wife of singer Kelvin Bahati and their other children; Majesty Bahati, Heaven Bahati, Mueni Bahati, and Josh when they got stranded on Thika Road after their car had a tire burst on Sunday night.

On Monday evening, the mother of three reminded Morgan of her great love for him and thanked God for their protection.

"God is good. I love you, my child, Morgan Bahati," Diana wrote under her beautiful picture with Morgan, which she posted on Instagram.

She accompanied the picture with Benson Boone's song 'Beautiful Things', which she said is Morgan's favorite song.

In another post, Diana Marua gave an account of the terrifying incident she experienced with her children on Thika Road on Sunday night.

They were heading home from entertainment when their Range Rover Vogue car's tire burst, causing it to sway and lose control.

"A day that started as a beautiful day with the children, Morgan Bahati, Mueni Bahati, Heaven Bahati, Majesty Bahati, and Josh, turned into my worst nightmare! The devil was at work, but the angels of God were present, honoring their command to take care of the daughters and sons of God πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌ,” Diana Marua wrote on her Instagram page.

She added, "We had just stepped out, singing songs on our way home, encouraging each other about this heavy rain which has become a norm. Little did I know, the tire burst, and it was worn out to the rim. Our car was swaying uncontrollably.”

The mother of three revealed how she was filled with fear after realizing that the car's tire had burst before finally managing to slow down and stop.

Following the incident, the content producer expressed her gratitude to God for protecting her and her family and her husband for assisting them after the incident.

"I was filled with fear, shock, and confusion! I managed to slow down and stop by the roadside just for a bad accident to happen five minutes later, a few meters from our car. My husband @bahatikenya came in time and all I can say is THANK GOD! HE NEVER FAILS πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ,” Diana said.

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