Mike Mondo- My dad bought me my first alcohol at age 10

• Mike battled alcoholism at some point in his adult life.

• He had his first drink at age 10.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo
Image: File

Media personality Mike Mondo has revealed his dad gave him his first beer at age 10.

He shared his experience on the Youtube channel, Manspeqtive Africa.

He says he later became an alcoholic as an adult, something that saw him hospitalized at some point.

'My dad gave me my first beer.

I poured myself some stuff and the next day I was feeling unwell and did not feel like going to school.

He took me to a bar in Nyali and bought me 5 beers and demanded that I take it.

I vomited, he put me to school and told me to finish my classes.

I was age 10. I later drank at age 22."

How did he end up as an alcoholic?

"I was facing a lot of frustrations, my 2nd baby mama and I were going through a very rough patch.

I did not know how to talk about it. I used to drink to numb my pain.

In a week I was doing a bottle and a half of Gin."

He has since sought a solution to the alcoholism problem.


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