Mike Mondo: Woman proposed to during hubby's burial

• King'ang'i said that if someone is dead, the right thing to do is to move on

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

How long should a widow wait before remarrying?

That was Mike Mondo's question on Classic 105's morning conversation when he learnt of a woman who was proposed to, by another man, during her husband's burial.

"There is a woman who lost her husband. During his funeral, a Kenyan pastor proposed to her for marriage and she said 'Yes I do" said Mondo

King'ang'i said that if someone is dead, the right thing to do is to move on.

A caller said her hubby died five years ago and has not dated nor moved on but has not judged those who have.

"If you have not gone through it, don't judge. When somebody is gone, they are gone, they are not coming back. The society should stop judging women."

"For a woman, it's all about the children but men, wueh. We don't judge them, they are looking for peace." 

 Another caller said for one to move on too fast, they must have been seeing other people when the hubby was alive.

"There is no way your husband will die and you get proposed to and he is not even buried. I will haunt you guys in my death." 

Check reactions from X:

MC Tonje: Mike let me tell you; in as long as the vow said " until death do as part" you can move on immediately, it's a allowed.

Flozie: utakuwa ukingoja nini, mwili ni mpya huko mbinguni wewe.. move oooon Bt sio siku ya mazishi.. ngoja kidogo tu

Nyakundi: In order for the widow or widower not to succumb to immorality, that is religiously sinful & socially abominable, mourning period should be between 9 months & 1 year. It should not be more than that because life has to go on for as long as we remain alive

Ras Sduffera: SMH!! a dishonour to herself, dead husband, her family and that of the late groom. And these pastors of nowdays

Koach2418: Women always have plan B never be cheated, hata hapo kwa burial plan b ameketi kungoja Jua izame😂😂

Arphax: The duo had an affair before the husband passed, it was a matter of seconds to affirm their deal to the public

Paul m Walker: Another reason to fear women 😂

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