Do side chicks have a backup plan? Questions Mike MOndo

• Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i intent to know if side chick always have a game plan when dating married men.

• King'ang'i says married men will always go back to their wives.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo
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Classic 105 presenters Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i intent to know if sidechick always have a game plan when dating married men.

"Let's talk about side chicks who date married men. Ladies, what's the plan after you've grown old? Because this married man will not leave his wife and you are not getting any younger," asked Mike Mondo

Adding "Ladies, what's the end game? As a 'Mbaba' what's your plan for your side chick?"

Mondo advised that "everything that you have right now is from that man, and at some point you will grow older, at some point you will get tired, at some point he will let you go."

Kingangi on the other hand said "Eventually he will go back to the wife."

Adding "If you have a baby out there, you need to take care of them. Take care of that baby."

A caller said she is a sidechick who has a plan.

"I am a sidechick. Why are you talking like we are crippled. We can make our own money. Nimejipanga. I am working, I have my own house, my cars, my savings, my children are in school. Hata akienda saa hizi aende."

Another caller said she learnt her lesson after getting pregnant for her mubaba who left her immediately. She added that she sired a daughter with the married man who has refused to pay for child support.

"I had a mubaba that was treating me so good untill I got pregnant. He never wants to see me nor his child. Yes, he has a wife. I found myself with the pregnancy and it wasn't planned, it is almost two years since we saw each other na hataki mambo yangu kabisa. His wife and his kids know that I have a child with him."

Check out reactions on X:

Ann Njenga: This young gals don't get now ,but at 40s reality check will them hard,no kids ,no money,the frustration will be real #MikeAndKingangi Plan your future now even if it's on your kids atleast they will come through for you in the future

Bella Ndichu: Only a few see life beyond, others just see fun and living now. Some fall to deeply that they start fighting with the man's family.

Jennifer Kanyiri: Most of them don't have a game plan ,they live a day at time ,,partying and slaying is theirs,also most wababaz are with them for pleasure too, so can't give them investment ideas.only a few sidechicks who would think of investing for future life ,

Ma Ignatius: What matters most is LOVE age is just a number. Akipsta mbaba mzuri asongeee nayee.

Ann Njenga: chanua this young gals @MwalimChurchill reality check hits different After this kuna wababa hawatakua na bahati " What is the future for me "

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