King Kaka ecstatic as he wins Sh.1.2 million bet

• The bet didn't look like it would go through until the very last minutes.

wins over Sh.1.2 million shillings in a bet
King Kaka, wins over Sh.1.2 million shillings in a bet
Image: Instagram

Veteran lyrical genius Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka is an ecstatic man after cashing out over a million shillings after winning a bet.

The father of two took to his socials to celebrate and share his win as he thanked his favourite football team for making him richer man.

Yesterday evening the rapper decided to take a chance and place a bet on the Champions League semi-final showdown which was between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

The 37-year-old 'Mungu Baba' crooner placed a heavy bet of Sh. 655,00 (5000 USD) in hopes of cashing out big time... and his hopes were not dashed.

"Fingers crossed, Real Madrid vs Bayern," the artist who now doubles as a movie producer and director wrote as he shared a post of his bet. From the 5000 USD he was supposed to win 9600 USD and luckily, the odds were with him.

"Rodrygo, Vinicius be nice! Coach, tell your boys be nice! I have placed a 5K bet, be nice!" The 'Monkey Business' director said as he was placing his bet. And it seems the Spanish league titans truly heard him.

Real overcame Bayern Munich winning the semi-finals 2 goals to1.

"9600 USDT. Thank you Real Madrid!" Kaka wrote elatedly as he shared a screen grab of his settled bet.

In the comment section, the father of 2 revealed that he had had a mini panic attack when Bayern first scored.

"Najua venye Bayern walifunga ulipanic," a Instagram user identified as Yobi Denzel commented on the artists post. Responding to this Kaka wrote, "Ata nilitoka nikaenda zangu," confirming watching the match was a little stressful for him.

He went on to confirm that he had terribly panicked at first but was super grateful that the odds had turned in his favour.

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