Mama Nyaguthii- I lost friends for defending Ruth Matete after her husband's death

• Ruth Matete's husband died four months after their wedding after a gas exploded in their home leaving him badly burned. 

Mama Nyaguthii
Mama Nyaguthii
Image: courtesy

Ex-Papa Shirandula actress Mary Airo alias Mama Nyaguthii now says she lost friends for defending Pastor Ruth Matete.

Ruth had in 2020 been questioned in connection to the death of her husband Beloved John.

Days ago Matete took to her socials to announce she had been acquitted in the death of her husband.

Mama Nyaguthii congratulated her saying

"I have followed your story from the word go. I saw how people incriminated you for an offense you never committed. I tried by my means to explain to others that you were innocent, I was certain you were. I lost friends because of my stand in your case. "

She added

"I blocked followers who were majorly women who ridiculed you and made very offensive sentiments about you. Deep in my heart, I asked God to give you grace and courage to walk you through the unwarranted hostility. This is extremely good news for me. God has indeed done His thing. We give him all the glory ."

Ruth Matete.
Image: Instagram

Taking to her socials, Ruth Matete partly captioned

A few days ago, the court case that had been hanging over my head, was finally closed. The hearing was on 25th April 2024, and I was declared free. The case is over. The file is closed. To the glory of God!!. I got back the gas cylinder and the three phones."

In conclusion, she thanked those who stood by her.

I will keep serving God. I will keep doing what He created me for. I sure don’t look like what I have been through. It’s all to the glory of God! 

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement. A big thank you to my dad, who has stood with me through all this. A special thank you to my Spiritual father Prophet David Owusu for his prayers and more so, his covering. Thank you Papa 

It’s over 

It’s over 

It’s over 

This is my testimony.

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