Free at Last!! Ruth Matete acquitted of her husband's death

• Matete's hubby died four months after their wedding.

• At the time she was pregnant with their first child.

Beloved John
Ruth Matete with the late husband Beloved John
Image: Courtesy

Pastor Ruth Matete has been acquitted of her husband's death.

 Her hubby Beloved John died in 2020 after a gas cylinder exploded in their home. At the time she was expectant with their first child.

Taking to her socials to share the news of her acquittal, Matete shared different photos depicting how the story was reported.

"I was to write a very long post. By now you know I can do long posts. But I realized that that would mean writing down all that has happened in the last four years. Then I changed my mind. So here I am, trying to make it as short as possible. 

It’s been four years. Life kind of moved on, but something was still pending. 

The following pictures are pictures that show my life in the different stages up until where I am today. "

Ruth Matete during her husband's burial.


"I got married 

My husband died 4 months after our wedding 

I was accused of killing him

The news circulated like wildfire. Bloggers said the Same thing. All they needed to do was to change the topic of their story so they could own it.  

I was barred from laying him to rest for three months. Stuff was taken away from me as exhibits. Three phones and two gas cylinders. The small one that caused the accident and the big one that was working. The small one was later confiscated. "

Ruth Matete with her late husband Beloved John on their wedding day

Ruth says at some point she tried to move on with her life.

"I later got my baby and tried to move on. 

I kept serving God.

A few days ago, the court case that had been hanging over my head, was finally closed. The hearing was on 25th April 2024, and I was declared free. The case is over. The file is closed. To the glory of God!!. I got back the gas cylinder and the three phones."

In conclusion, she thanked those who stood by her.

I will keep serving God. I will keep doing what He created me for. I sure don’t look like what I have been through. It’s all to the glory of God! 

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement. A big thank you to my dad, who has stood with me through all this. A special thank you to my Spiritual father Prophet David Owusu for his prayers and more so, his covering. Thank you Papa 

It’s over 

It’s over 

It’s over 

This is my testimony.


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