Kambua talks International bereaved mother's day

International Bereaved Mother's Day 'honors mothers who have lost a child

Image: Instagram

Gospel Minister Kambua has opened up about how she spent her International Bereaved Mother's Day. This day happens on  the first Sunday of May, this year, it fell on 5th May 2024.

According to nationaldaycalender.com, International Bereaved Mother's Day 'honors mothers who have lost a child. It's also a day to recognize women who cannot be a mother due to infertility or other health reasons'

Kambua shared gifts she had gotten on that day;

"Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day 🤍, and so this gift from @treasured_scents for me and my mom completely warmed my heart.There’s something about good scents that pulls at my heartstrings.I’m sending hugs to every angel mom 🪽🤍I’ll one day tell you how one of my bestie’s indulged me in my time of grief by helping me make a massive order at bath and body works- only for us to later find that 80% of the order was hand wash 🤣 but the retail therapy was still very effective😅.Perfume, etc will always be a perfect pick me up for me (now you know). 💁🏾‍♀️How about you? What’s your love language? Chocolate? Flowers? Food?"

Kambua, who is a maternal health advocate lost her second born child Malachi days after her delivery. At the time, she let her social media followers know about it.

"What a privilege it has been carrying a life yet again. My little baby boy Malachi made a grand entrance into the world a few days ago. He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could to stay with us. With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors & nurses, our little baby fought, until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself. Malachi is now free from pain, and any worldy care," she wrote on Instagram

Kambua is mother to two other lovely kids Nate and Nathalie.

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