Kambua shares experience finding out she was pregnant with her 4-year-old son

• Malachi was Kambua's son who died not long after his birth.

• She currently has two kids, a son and a daughter.

Kambua Mziki
Image: Instagram

Gospel artist Kambua has shared her delivery experience.

She revealed she underwent a CS contrary to people's belief she had delivered normally.

Sharing her experience on her YouTube channel 'Being Kambua' she narrated

"It was Christmas of 2019, It was a hot day.

It seemed like a regular day with family but something felt off with my body.I was with my parents-in-law for Christmas Dinner. I remember being cold.

Everybody was saying how hot it was but I was cold.

My mum-in-love even gave me a shawl to help me beat the cold."

Kambua added she thought she was getting down with the flu.

"My hubby and I went out of town for a few days, we were to go on game drives but all I wanted was to sleep.

With time I became more sleepy. My husband was curious about what was happening to me.

I thought it was just fatigue, I promised to get myself checked once we got back home.

When we got back on Saturday, on Sunday I was back to work as I had a show on Studio.

Despite doing shows for more than 10 years, on this day, I struggled to wake up.

After the show, I went back home and slept.

It hit me then that maybe I was pregnant. I took a test."

Kambua Mathu.
Image: Instagram

Kambua says at the time she was back to a place where she was being patient with herself.

"I took two pregnancy tests and there were two dark lines, I thought there must be something wrong with the test.

I thought it was faulty so I took another test and it still came positive.

The first time I got a positive, I suffered a miscarriage yet I had been so excited.

I was shocked so I sat down on the bathroom floor and wondered if I was supposed to celebrate or not.

It was such a confusing feeling. I went and took another nap."

How did she break the news to her husband?

'Before I took a nap, I wrote a sweet note and set the two pregnancies there.

When hubby came from church and saw them he came to confirm if what I had written was true.

His reaction was very different from the first time.

The first time we got pregnant he was overjoyed and overwhelmed."

Kambua's husband assured her he was overjoyed by the news but did not know how to take the news given they had previously lost a child.

After Kambua had suffered a miscarriage, Kambua's mum had prayed to God to give her daughter a child who would stay.

"My gynecologist had previously given us the option, so when we went back she thought we had to go to tell her what we had decided.

That was my pregnancy with Nathaniel.

I had to stay hopeful because of my miscarriage but it was a hard place to be mentally.

Every little thing made me wonder if anything was wrong.

It was an ordinary pregnancy."

Kambua says she didn't think she would lose this child as the pregnancy had progressed

One of the things she craved was githeri.

"I was feeling less sick in my second trimester, my friends were getting me cute maternity clothes.

I was glowing. I posted the news on social media and went offline.

I was overwhelmed by the responses when I came back online, I felt lifted and I told my child we would make it to the end."

Baby Nathaniel recently celebrated her 4th birthday.

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