Judy Nyawira left stunned at meals Mumbus is eating at new school

• The daughter of filmmaker Abel Mutua is enrolled at one of the priciest schools in the country and has been enjoying the experience so far.

Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira and their daughter Mumbus
Image: Instagram

Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira were left amazed after their daughter Mumbus shared the lavish meals she enjoys at her prestigious high school.

Nyawira humbly encouraged her daughter to share the school's menu online, acknowledging that many people couldn't relate.

"The food is incredible. We have six meals a day. We start with pre-breakfast at 5:30 am, usually bread with tea or eggs and sausages. Breakfast follows around 9:40 am, where we have scones," Mumbus shared as her mother listened in disbelief.

Mumbus detailed the school's diverse meals, including ugali, beef stew, and chicken. The Form One student also mentioned a snack after lunch, which precedes 4:00 pm, much to her mother's surprise.

"We also have tea with scones or popcorn on Thursdays and Fridays after dinner, before heading to the dormitory for bedtime," Mumbus clarified, highlighting it as the sixth and final meal of the day.

Nyawira expressed her disbelief, reminiscing about her own high school experience, where such meals were unimaginable as for her, rice, beans, cabbage and githeri were the predominant meals. "Meat was a luxury," she added.

In a previous revelation she made last week, Judy had disclosed the reason the popular couple decided to take their daughter to the expensive school saying,

"One thing that really sold us when it came to choosing this particular school for Mumbus was because of how diverse the students in that school are. Whoa, they came from all parts of this globe."

Mumbus described how much she enjoyed her experience with new friends from around the world. "And I'm glad to say that I had friends from all the countries that weren't Kenya."

Judy added about the diversity and opportunities not only in Kenya but internationally. She said it was fulfilling for her parents to see that.

"That was one of the things that made us think, Heh tumelike hii shule, coz that's the beauty of life when you get to interact with people from all parts of the world, coz you get to learn new things."

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