Eye-watering fees at school netizens think Abel Mutua's daughter Mumbus is going to

• In a conversation with local media last month, the former Tahidi High actor expressed his joy at his daughter going to boarding school and gave a very well-thought out answer.

Abel Mutua with his daughter Mumbus
Image: Instagram

There has been speculation going about on the Kenyan interwebs that celebrated filmmaker Abel Mutua's daughter, Mumbus might have joined a branch of the Nova Pioneer Education Group in Kenya.

While Abel and his wife Judy Nyawira have not revealed the specific school Mumbus joined, fans speculate that she enrolled in either Tatu City Girls or Eldoret Girls, both prestigious institutions under the Nova Pioneer Education Group.

The school is a Pan-African independent school network providing education from preschool to secondary level for students aged 3 to 19.

Launched in South Africa in 2014, the Group expanded to Kenya in 2015 and currently operates seven schools, both secondary and primary, across the country.

Below are the details of the secondary schools under Nova Pioneer and their respective fee structures for Form One students in 2024:

  • Nova Pioneer Tatu City Girls School: Charges Sh226,050 per term, totaling Sh678,150 per year.
  • Nova Pioneer Eldoret Girls School: Charges Sh176,400 per term, amounting to Sh526,200 per year.

In a conversation with local media last month, the former Tahidi High actor expressed his joy at his daughter going to boarding school.

Mkuru shared the story of how he and his wife Judy became parents to their daughter, Stephanie Mumbua, also known as Mumbus, when they were still quite young.

This situation meant they didn't get to experience the carefree freedom of their twenties.

"She is going to boarding school, and I feel so good," began the Click Click Bang producer and director.

He continued, saying, "You know, I had that child when I was 24. The parties you've been enjoying, I never got to experience that. Now, let me take her to school. I don't know if it's on the 9th, but from the 10th onwards, you will be reading about us in the papers."

When asked if his wife shared the same sentiments, Abel mentioned that Judy was fully on board with the idea of an empty nest, as she was even younger than Abel when they had their daughter.

"Judy cannot wait. It's better I was 24; she was 23 when we got her. Although after two weeks, we will miss Mumbus, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, let her go," humourously added Abel.

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