Abel Mutua gets emotional at his daughter's questions of his late mum

Abel Mutua's mother named his unborn baby before she knew the gender

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.His mum died when he was 23

.Her death was sad to the family

abel mutua and daughter steph
abel mutua and daughter steph


Team Wakurugenzi gather here for a wonderful moment, you will love this.

Abel Mutua, his wife Judy Nyawira and their daughter have on their latest youtube video moved fans to tears where the trio speak lovingly about Abel Mutua's late mum.

Abel had challenged his wife and daughter to a QnA about who knows him best.

Among the ten questions, the one that got the family most emotional was when he asked the two ladies to name the year his mother died and how old he was at the time.

Abel goes ahead to ask "How old was my mum when she passed and how old was I"

They struggled to recall the year, but after much prompting Abel told the the right answer. She died when she was 48 and he was 23.

His daughter Mumbus asked to be forgiven for not having the correct year, as Abel assured her it was alright because she was not born and had no memory of her grandmother.

"You were definitely still in primary school" Mumbus hints she is struggling answering. "I have zero confidence" she adds

Abel tells them that his mother was 48 when she died in 2009, three months before his daughter was born.

Mumbus gets sad telling her dad "Ngai I am a curse."

Judy got emotional looking at her daughter and told her about her resemblance to Abels mother.

"Actually you look like her you look so much like her. By the way she was so happy the day she found out I was like pregnant with you she was so happy "

Abel tells his daughter that his mother even made crotchet clothes ahead of her birth and his mother had a premonition that Judy would give birth to a girl.

"By the way she knew it was a girl coming, immediately she called you Mumbua."

They shared a picture to prove their point as Mumbus kept quiet in an emotional moment.

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