Jacky Vike and Comedian Osoro excite fans with '1st wedding' anniversary

• Jacky and Osoro supposedly fooled Kenyans with a wedding last year.

A year after purportedly getting married, Jacky Vike and Comedian Cyprian Osoro have marked their anniversary.

Those pictures and videos of dancing to traditional Luhya folk music, are what had convinced Kenyans that their wedding was genuine.

The two got very comical about their beautiful memory that went down on 23 April last year.

Osoro penned a late message to Jacky indicating he forgot their one-year milestone.

She wasn't too mad that it slipped his mind they had been 'together' for a year.

He shared a picture of their beautiful outfits for their traditional ceremony.

"From mine to yours!! Happy first anniversary to us!! @jackyvike pepi poo ningwanchete ! Nakupenda kama udaku ❤️❤️Twende nikusalimie😜😜" Osoro said.

Jackie welcomed his suggestion saying;

"Chukua Guardina nakungojea hapa Chavakali utanipata niko tayari 🤣"

This led to a cute exchange between the two.

"Na utafute joto! Baridi ya Nairobi itaniua ako my rough❤️" he cheekily told her.

The 'wedding' was part of her content creation for her show Awinja's Perfect Wedding on Safaricom Baze video-on-demand service.

A year on and they are still amusing to their fans who aren't quite sure what to make of their relationship/wedding.

antonytosh....One year na ndoa haina matokeo. Finger prints tu mnamaliziana juu ya 'salamu'

its_wasilwa...Hii couple unaeza pata wanakuanga Wana act series,hata si real couple

_ciiruk ...Mkamba ako wapi? @brian.mutinda shake this marriage one more time please

princess__haddash ...Happy anniversary my people 😍😍😍 u r bless

his_melanin__highness ....si ni ukweli hawa si real couples kwani mnaamini hawa ni actor an actress main

joseph.m.kakonzo ....Kwani Mume rudiana.. 😂😂😂 nway Mambo ya watu wawili Wacha tu

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